Apple recently marked the completion of 10 years with its iPhone device flagship. Given the special occasion, the experts believe that this year’s iPhone 8 might be the best innovation coming from the side of the company till date. If reports are true, then it seems like the upcoming smartphone will sport several major upgrades over its predecessors, and chances are Apple might finally embrace the much-talked-about AMOLED edge-to-edge display in its upcoming device as well.

Specs and features

According to a report published by Express, Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8 could also possibly pack a dual rear camera setup as well.

Other newer features that the Cupertino tech giant is expected to introduce is the modern-day wireless technology facility along with a much faster processor, in comparison to what was offered before by the company. The firm is also planning on integrating an under-the-display fingerprint sensor in its upcoming iPhone 8. However, Vivo has already beaten them to it, thus it remains to be seen whether the company will actually carry out this deed with success.

A YouTube channel that goes by the name of 'Onleaks and Tiger Mobiles' gave a short glimpse into what they think the latest Apple iPhone 8 will look like. As per the information provided in the idea, it appears like the iPhone 8 will feature a full-screen design.

Furthermore, the device can also be seen sporting a 3D CAD. The smartphone is also expected to be much thinner than its predecessor. The current iPhone 7 measures around 67mm in terms of width and 138mm in terms of height, while the iPhone 7 Plus measures around 77.9mm wide and 158mm tall. Hence, it is safe to assume that the upcoming iPhone 8 will be thinner than this at least.

Launch at WWDC 2017

Apple recently concluded its WWDC 2017 conference. At the event, the company announced its latest iOS 11 updates. As per their announcement, it seems like they plan on introducing the latest operating system alongside the iPhone 8 as well. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the company might be integrating this software in its iPhone 8 as well.

The latest feature brings a lot of new features along with it including a revamped look, newer wallpapers and emoticons, better functioning apps and a greater number of short-cuts. However, none of the above-given information has been confirmed by the company yet, therefore, it remains to be seen whether this actually turns out to be true.