Apple is reportedly developing three new iPhones for 2017 and 2018, and they might come with a glass body and new screen technology. A report by Fortune suggests that the Tech Company has plans to introduce an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display in its new iPhone models. Since their release in 2008, Apple’s smartphones have relied upon quid crystal display (LCD) technology for their screens.

An LCD screen is easier and cheaper to manufacture than an OLED display, but it delivers dull pictures. In contrast, an OLED screen promises high-quality pictures with excellent color combinations.

Moreover, OLEDs are thinner and more flexible than LCDs, allowing vendors to offer curved screens on their phones.

What to expect from the new smartphones?

Fortune confirmed that Apple Inc. would use OLED technology in its new iPhone series. The very first device Apple is planning to release with an OLED screen is none other than iPhone 8. This smartphone will sit alongside two other models that will use the OLED technology.

Those models are reportedly named as the iPhone 7s Plus and the iPhone 7s. There are rumors that Apple Inc. will release upgraded models of its iPhone 4 and iPhone 3, but the officials have refused to comment anything in this regard.

In the meantime, a report by Indian Express reveals that the tech company’s supply partners have planned to make enough OLED units to accommodate iPhone 8 this year.

How many smartphones will be launched in 2017?

According to Fortune, more than 85 million iPhone 8 models are expected to be shipped in the second half of 2017. With the success of new iPhone models, OLED could become the mainstream display of mobile devices going forward. There are chances that the new iPhone series won’t feature an on-screen fingerprint scanner.

The news website, NDTV, claims that without an on-screen fingerprint scanner, it may be difficult for the users to unlock their smartphones with the touch of a finger.

The iPhone 8 will include a NAND flash memory, which is similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but it’s not clear what improvements it might bring.

Just like its predecessors, the iPhone 8 will have a 255GB storage option. The new iPhone series is rumored to include 4GB RAM, different connectivity options, and an enhanced Taptic engine. Apple Inc. is said to be working on “high-performance motors” that can “create complete tactile vibrations.” But we have no information about whether these motors are included in the iPhone 8 or not.

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