Apple has always been ambitious when it comes to their approach to incorporating new technologies into their products. More often than not, the company seems always to be the first one to pull off featuring a new technology in one of its products. However, new reports are revealing that Apple may be having problems integrating one particular technology that Samsung has apparently also been having problems with.

Latest findings from analysts

In a report from the Pacific Crest Securities to its investors over the weekend, analysts revealed that Apple is currently experiencing some problems with their suppliers for a brand new type of Touch Id sensor.

Apple apparently wants a sensor that can actually be hidden underneath the smartphone's display and still functions like the Touch ID sensor found on previous iPhones.

Not quite there yet

The report from the analysts further explained that Apple's "fingerprint module provider" hasn't received the go signal from the company to start production. While it wasn't revealed if they had a working system that could be embedded into the display, Apple likely hasn't made a decision yet if it is ready to incorporate the new technology into the upcoming iPhone 8.

Taking a page from Samsung

Samsung was previously reported to have encountered the same problem as Apple before the launch of their latest flagships, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus.

The company was previously reported to have been working on the same technology, but suppliers were unable to develop it in time for launch fully.

Samsung then decided to scrap the entire idea and instead placed the sensor on the back portion of the device right beside the camera. Samsung had completely ditched the physical home button on their flagship, which likely indicates that they were indeed planning to incorporate the sensor into the display.

Apple's alternative plan of action

If Apple's suppliers are not able to finish developing the technology in time, Apple may be forced to look for other options. Newly leaked schematics for the upcoming iPhone has suggested that Apple may be going with a new 3D facial recognition system that will be far more superior than that found on the Galaxy S8.

The system would incorporate a 3D sensor that can map out a user's face in three-dimensions, essentially making it immune to photos being used to fool it.

As of the moment, it isn't quite clear just yet what direction Apple will be going to if the embedded Touch ID sensor is not finished in time. The upcoming new iPhones are expected to be launched in September. The company is rumored to launch three distinct variants including a 4.7-inch iPhone, a 5.5-inch model, and a 5.8-inch OLED display option called the iPhone Edition.