People around the globe desire greater internet speeds, which is understandable since almost any kind of work requires a fast-paced internet connection. The current 4G connectivity offered by carriers are relatively faster than its predecessors, the 3G, and 2G, but people are looking forward to even faster connections. According to estimates, the search for greater speeds may finally be over by as soon as 2019 when the next-generation of Internet Connectivity, the 5G, launches.

5G could launch by 2019

There has been a lot of speculation regarding the impending 5G technology, which is said to trump the current 4G connections in terms of speed. In a recent interview, Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said that 5G connections could be a reality by the year 2019. This is a year or two earlier than what industry insiders were predicting. However, Mollenkopf claims that the technological developments needed for 5G connections are coming up at a rapid rate, which leads him to believe that it would be ready by 2019.

5G connections could mean greatly improved bandwidth and speeds, so much so that it is expected to send and receive data faster than the home Wi-Fi systems currently setup at people's houses. It would also mean better speeds than the old wired plug in networks that people use at work. In fact, some people claim that 5G would give people Gigabit rate speeds, which are the fastest that is available at present.

What is driving the 5G revolution?

There can be no doubt that companies are trying to come up with 5G connectivity in response to the huge demand for better internet connectivity from the consumers and the average people. A great part of those demands has emerged for the need for higher speeds and bandwidth due to video playback. Casual internet users spend a majority of their time on the internet to stream videos or movies.

With platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and other video streaming services the consumers are surrounded by high-quality programming which is only available via the internet. However, due to the limited bandwidth offered to each customer, they are unable to freely access these videos and have to constantly monitor how much of the allotted bandwidth they have gone through.

People expect that with 5G, carriers will provide a network through which users will be able to freely access the internet, without them having to worry about bandwidth limitations and their speeds being throttled.

This is why there are such high expectations from the next generation of internet connectivity. It now remains to be seen whether 2019 really will be the year when 5G launches in the markets.

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