SUVs are hot! They are by far the hottest and fastest-selling auto segment. With so many choices, picking the right one may turn out to be an incredibly daunting task. Choosing becomes even more challenging when a car buyer does not have a specific brand in mind and has an open budget.

For those who are on the lookout for a premier SUV without breaking the bank, the 2018 Chevrolet Traverse High Country may not be a good option. It boasts of Updated features, automatically making it as one of the most technologically advanced SUV around but some critics think that it is way too pricey.

How much is the High Country?

For those who can afford it, the $52,995 price tag is not so much of an issue but for most people, it may just be too much to pay. The 2018 Traverse High Country is about $4,000 more than GMC's Acadia Denali AWD and the most expensive Chevrolet Traverse. According to The Truth About Cars, It’s also "10-percent more costly than the Traverse Premier AWD, 18-percent more than the current top-spec 2017 Traverse, and 72-percent more than a basic 2018 Traverse."

Chevrolet Traverse High Country features

Chevrolet has every reason to be proud of the 2018 Traverse High Country. Here are the reasons why:

  • It has a twin-clutch AWD system. To make it simple, having such technology enables the car to distribute power to both rear and front axles.
  • It is capable of a 310-horsepower output because of its 3.6-liter V-6 engine. It may not be as powerful or as insanely fast as a Toyota Land Cruiser, but this is significantly powerful compared to other SUVs.
  • The rear seats are power folding. This is not available in other Traverses. Even better, the tailgate also comes in as power-operated.
  • The High Country lives up to its "High" price. It does not come short of premium look and feel. Its seats scream high-class and are colored brown.
  • The seats are top-of-the-class with heated rear seats and ventilated front seats.
  • The 2018 Chevrolet Traverse High Country has beefed up safety features. It is equipped with automatic breaking technology complete with collision avoidance.

These are definitely impressive features and at least one does not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio or say a Tesla Model X.

However, there are other more affordable SUVs with almost the same features.

At the end of the day, it really depends on the buyer. If they are willing to spend good money on a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse High Country, then so be it. It is expected to be a little bit more expensive because of its updates. Can this be Chevrolet's cash cow? Maybe not. The High Country belongs to a niche group and is not expected to sell like the Bolts.