A U.S.-based aviation company known as Cirrus Aircraft has launched the World’s smallest and most affordable private aircraft named Vision Jet at $1.96 million. Designed specifically for private ownership, the Vision Jet is the most affordable jet on the market today. In fact, it costs roughly half the price of the closest jet powered competitor. The planning and construction of the aircraft which had been going on for a decade were recently granted FAA certification and Cirrus is now completely involved in its production and deliveries to meet increasing demands.

According to Cirrus marketing heads, the target markets for this aircraft mainly include private owners and regional commercial air services.

Cirrus believes that Vision Jet is likely to be one of it’s most popular products and has already taken 600 orders for the aircraft valued at more than a billion dollars. According to a Forbes Reporter, The co-founder, and CEO of Cirrus Aircraft, Mr. Dale Klapmeier recently stated, “With the Vision Jet, you can fly farther, faster, higher, carrying more people and cargo. That’s what it’s all about.”

The Vision Jet system features and operations

The Vision Jet is the first Private Jet with a single engine and can be conveniently operated by a single pilot, thus keeping production and maintenance costs low for the users.

This engine produces around 1800 pounds of thrust which can make the jet fly for about 1,200 nautical miles at one go which is approximately the distance from New York to Minnesota. The jet can fly at a speed of 345mph and has an operating altitude of 28,000 feet. At this speed, any passenger flying via the Vision Jet can reach Toronto in an hour starting from New York.

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The Vision Jet is even equipped with the Cirrus Aircraft’s popular parachute system which can be deployed in case of any emergency. According to Cirrus officials, this system has been credited with saving more than a hundred lives in some of the company’s other models.

The interior design and facilities provided

The Vision Jet cabin is quite spacious considering that it is 4.1 feet tall and 5.1 feet wide and has enough room for five adults and two children.

There are USB ports for every seat and some other in-house entertainment facilities. The cockpit has a panoramic windshield which offers the pilot maximum visibility. The cockpit is ultra modern, featuring a number of touchscreen displays equipped with the Garmin’s Perspective Touch avionics suite which automates a lot of the aircraft’s operations thus reducing the workload on the flight crew.

The Vision Jet with its light weight, tech-savvy features, better efficiency and the affordable cost is truly the best creation of Cirrus Aircraft.