AVA released an announcement detailing a song contest for their newest Vocaloid addition named "Lumi." The contest revolves around song making, which will unlock LUMi's full Voice potential despite its mellow and soft nature. On the other hand, the free demos of her song reveals her possible potentials, made by famous Vocaloid producers in Japan and the rest of the world. The name "LUMi" comes from the Japanese syllables "lu/ru" and "mi." "Lu/Ru" sounds closely to "Lo/Ro," which pertains to "Roku" or the number "six" in English.

Furthermore, the syllable "mi" means the number "three" in English.

June 3rd is the unofficial release date of the said LUMi, but considering the meanings behind her name, June 6 might be the official release date along with her song demos and free trial for Vocaloid users. Cute characters an her character design is much like the famous virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai.

LUMi's voice

LUMi sounds like a name for a cute girl, thus, her voice also presents the same thing. The nature of her voice is mellow, sweet, and clear at the same time. Her voice on high notes isn't that powerful but clear on lower and middle pitches. Every Vocaloid is designed to fit on a certain genre, but some Vocaloid users and producers skillfully present a song that unlocks the voice's secret potential.

This is the magic that is present in every voice. Another important feature that every voice must have are clarity and quality. Without these two, the voice cannot reach its full potential.

As for her free trial, LUMi's voice can be installed and used for a period of 30 days. Vocaloid will encourage users to buy the voice when the trial is beyond the 30 day period.

Her own Twitter page

For those users who really want to have the first access of LUMi's voice, they can follow her page on Twitter with constant posts every now and then. Here are some of the recent posts below:

The post above roughly translates to: "I am home. Well...I sure am tired.

What will be for dinner?" On the other hand, the post below roughly translates to common greetings and updates with short phrases or words such as this, "Good morning. . . I must go now."

Updates such as the ones above are constant. Posts are updated every few hours or days. Therefore, this is the quickest way for Vocaloid fans to reach LUMi and first-hand updates. To use her free trial, user must sign up on her official website and use "Tokyo" as their prefecture, for people outside Japan. Lastly, the song contest is said to be hosted by Kaito Ishikawa and Miyu Takeuchi from AKB48, a famous all-girl idol group.