Oneplus, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer that broke through the smartphone market with its "flagship killer" not too long ago, has continually been teasing their contender for 2017. The company's slew of announcements has somewhat been convoluted and has not really revealed much information regarding the new device. However, a new e-invite that was recently spotted on Chinese social media has now seemingly revealed the actual release date for the long-awaited OnePlus 5.

Previous announcements

The company previously mentioned that they will be officially launching the device globally online on June 20.

This will then be followed by several pop-up events all throughout the world, including in India, China, Europe, and the United States. However, the company didn't really specify when they would making the unit available to buyers who are not going to attend the physical launches.

Sent invitations

According to a recently spotted invite image posted on Weibo, the OnePlus 5 will apparently become locally available in several areas on June 22. Amazon India has also announced on their website that they will be holding an exclusive sale on June 22, at 4:30 p.m. local time. It has not yet been made clear whether or not other regions will be getting access to the sale on the same day.

Confirmed hardware specs

OnePlus has been quite secretive about the full hardware specs of its upcoming flagship. However, the company has been quite open in revealing that the OnePlus 5 will indeed be coming with Qualcomm's most powerful mobile processor, the Snapdragon 835.

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As of the moment, it is not yet clear what amount of RAM the Snapdragon 835, which is the same processor found on the Samsung Galaxy S8, will be paired with. The latest reports have claimed that the 2017 flagship killer may be coming with a whopping 8 GB of RAM, which is twice as much as the one found on the S8.

As for its overall design, leaked photos of the device have revealed that the back portion of the device will closely resemble that of the Apple iPhone 7 plus.

OnePlus has completely removed the antenna band on the back and has apparently smoothened out the device's edges. The leaked photos also reveal that the device will indeed have a dual camera system that is positioned in the same way as on the current iPhone. The device is expected to sport a large 5.5-inch screen, but it will apparently be slightly smaller than the OnePlus 3T.