#Oneplus 5 is catching headlines after the launch of ‘flagship killer’ smartphone by the Chinese smartphone maker. The device is launched with some powerful specification and features. However, the main highlight of the latest smartphone is its Rear #Dual-camera setup, it processor i.e. #Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and the company’s own Dash Charging feature, which, according to the companyOnePlus, claims to Charge a whole day battery in only 30 minutes. Recently, OnePlus has uploaded a video comparing its latest flagship phone OnePlus 5 to the latest flagship by Samsung that is Galaxy S8.

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OnePlus 5 and samsung galaxy S8 are two biggest flagships launched with the top-air-specs. There are lots of reviews are coming right now comparing both the devices, but the latest one is from OnePlus itself comparing the battery charging of both flagships.

Dash-Charging, Turbo Charging, and QuickCharge

There was a time when the vital thing about smartphone batteries is as for how long they usually last for? But now it is the time when people ask about how much time it will take to charge the smartphone? As #Motorola is having its Turbo Charging feature, Qualcomm also has one excellent and most loved features incorporated into its Snapdragon chipset which is called QuickCharge, and everyone known for which OnePlus is famous is because of its Dash Charge feature.

The general difference between general chargers and #Dash Charge from OnePlus is that the Dash Charge generally raises the amps, not increasing the voltage. This makes a faster charging with less heat generated.

The Dash Charge was firstly announced in 2016 to the #OnePlus 3 and #OnePlus 3T handset.

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This method of charging requires OnePlus proprietary adapter and cable.

Battery Specifications

After Chinese smartphone maker launched its latest smartphones, the company has revealed the power of the Dash Charge feature. OnePlus’ latest video that is featuring both OnePlus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 gives an idea of what will be charging speed latest #flagship killer. OnePlus 5 boast a 3300mAh battery while the Samsung Galaxy S8 features a 3000mAh battery.

Dash-charge OnePlus 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S8

To reveal what is the meaning of real Dash Charge, Chinese smartphone maker’s videos shows that after 15-minutes of normal charging, the OnePlus 5 had 29% charged compared to 20% for the Galaxy S8. After a half an hour of charging, the flagship killer got boosted to a 58% to 39% over Samsung Galaxy S8. The full video can be seen below.

Car Charging Test

The second video posted by Chinese smartphone maker features both the OnePlus 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 connected to car’s charger and both the smartphones are seen running. After the car was driven for around half an hour, the latest flagship from OnePlus had 43% battery life as compared to just 12% for the Samsung’s latest flagship. You can watch the video below.