Eagerly awaiting iPhone’s next smartphone? We all are. Although iPhone 8’s release date is still nowhere near approaching, rumors have already started circulating as to the new smartphone’s features and what we can expect. At the WWDC conference this year, announcements regarding the iOS 11 sparked many speculations about what’s in store for us with the next major iPhone.

Apple was heavily criticized last year for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus; most users were less than happy about the new phone’s features and designs being too similar to the older versions.

Siri didn’t do anything new and the smartphone failed to live up to expectations. It looks like Apple is now looking to amend that by introducing their 10th anniversary iPhone, rumored to be called the iPhone Edition or iPhone X.

Speculations about iPhone 8

CNET has reported that the new iPhone will be equipped with a usual vertical dual camera set-up with a rear-facing camera. According to a leaked diagram, iPhone 8’s backside will have a touch ID sensor. However, the most exciting speculation to arise so far is that the new smartphone will support wireless charging and augmented reality. The smartphone is rumored to have special cameras with the ability to understand 3D space and sense depth, making augmented reality a possibility.

Apple is also re-designing the handset dramatically, according to iDropNews. The new iPhone will be equipped with a curved AMOLED display and will reportedly look nothing like the previous models. It's also been said that Apple is working on technology that will help free up space, reducing the file sizes of videos and photos.

Although not many details were given about what we can expect from the updated Siri, it was revealed that the voice recognition software will now support third-party apps, language translation and recognition of new voice tones.

Release date

The iPhone 8 is expected to be released in September 2017 on Apple’s 10th anniversary.

However, according to a news report by Business Insider, Deutsche Bank claims that the release date may be delayed until 2018 because of problems in supply chain and “technical challenges.” According to another rumor, a limited amount of iPhone 8 models might be available in the 4th quarter this year.

While there’s no end to speculation and leaks about the new smartphone, we’ll only know how much is true when Apple finally launches the much-awaited iPhone 8. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that Apple will make up for the much-criticized iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.