Microsoft expands the market of their Surface devices as they open new markets for Surface Pro laptop, Surface Studio and the latest Surface laptop. The company announced that these coming months, these Surface devices will be available to more countries around the world.

Surface Pro and Studio

Both Surface Pro laptop and the Surface Studio machine is said to be released soon in some countries, including Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Currently, the wide-screened art machine, Surface Studio is now available in China, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Norway, Japan, Sweden, UK, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

As one of the latest and advanced sort of machine in graphic designing and other related activities, a lot of professional artists want this Surface Studio machine for faster, more convenient, and better work output, even if it costs thousands of dollars.

Surface Laptop

The same for the latest Microsoft Surface Laptop device. This laptop is currently available in more than 20 countries all over the world, not including the expected 17 more markets to be added these coming months. This laptop was introduced and released recently this month during the Education event held in New York City. Now, in just a few weeks after its debut, it gains good feedbacks and reviews from different users, producing more demand and sales.

Because of the fastest growing technology industry of today’s generation, the demand for these devices and other similar machines are also increasing, meaning companies like the Microsoft are currently in their peak season. This explains why such enterprises expanding the market of their certain products. Although there are plenty of similar products to the Surface Laptop, Pro and probably the Studio too, we can still say that the competitiveness of these Surface devices is beyond the average.

One of the reasons why the demand for such devices is increasing is because they are beefy compared to their rivals.


For now, the Microsoft hasn’t yet announced the specific or official date when these Surface Laptop, Pro and Studio will be released to their new target markets. The same for the official prices in corresponding regions, however, we can expect that the Microsoft will release more new details and announcements regarding this matter soon before they officially open those markets.