Samsung previously had problems integrating the highly rumored embedded-into-the-screen Fingerprint Scanner on its recently released Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The issues it had with suppliers and the technical feat that was required to implement the technology led the company to abandon the feature altogether and use a traditional fingerprint sensor at the back instead. Now, new reports are suggesting that Samsung may be encountering the same problem with is next flagship offering, the samsung galaxy Note 8.

Challenging technology

With Samsung failing to implement the technology on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, all hopes for the feature finally coming to the public lied on the company’s next offering.

The Note brand has a lot of makeup for, in terms of getting back its customer’s confidence, given the tragic fate of its predecessor.

Having the highly sought after feature was expected to redeem the company in the eyes of the brand’s die-hard fans. However, new reports from Korea have now revealed that the Note 8 may also be absent the feature due to the same technical issues.

Display glitches

According to reports, Samsung was apparently able to get the system working inside their upcoming smartphone’s display. However, when the device was turned on, the sensor reportedly caused issues with the display including being abnormally bright around the area where the fingerprint sensor was placed.

A Samsung representative also revealed to Korean media that the technical problems they encountered along with some unresolved security issues have led them to exclude the feature on the upcoming Note 8.

Other companies pursuing the technology

Aside from Samsung, Apple is rumored to also be working on the same embedded fingerprint sensor technology for its upcoming iPhone 7, 7S, and iPhone Edition offerings. However, the company is also apparently bumping into the same technical problems as Samsung and it has yet to be seen if they will be able to fix all of the feature’s issues in time for the devices’ release.

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While Samsung and Apple are currently having problems with the particular technology, rumors out of China have revealed that Vivo may be on the brink of unveiling a device that sports the highly sought-after feature. The reports are based on a new video that had appeared on the Chinese website Weibo, which showcased a handset that featured a working under-the-screen fingerprint sensor. If Vivo does present a working device, then the company will beat both Apple and Samsun in showcasing the new technology.