Blizzard Entertainment will be offering another good thing for “Overwatch” fans. This weekend, starting June 8, 2017, the popular first-person shooter will host a double experience weekend event.

Double your experience

This double experience weekend event for “Overwatch” will give a lot of perks and bonuses to the players playing during the event period. According to the game event announcement, these bonuses will apply to all in-game sources of XP over the long weekend event. This means that players will earn double XP for the time they spend in a match, completing consecutive matches, completing a match, winning a match, backfilling a match in progress, and earning medals.

For those who are asking about this event’s supported platform, the Blizzard Entertainment “Overwatch” double experience event will be supported on all the gaming platforms: PC, Xbox One, and Play Station 4. Essentially, the double experience will be available to all who play, no matter the medium you choose to play the game on. To join the event is very simple, just log in and play the game and you can enjoy all the event’s perks.

This Blizzard Entertainment “Overwatch” double experience weekend event will last for five days, starting from Thursday this week until Monday next week (June 8 to 12, 2017 to be exact). Blizzard Entertainment usually hosts “Overwatch” weekend events, however, this current double XP weekend is probably one of the longest events they have ever hosted.

Long weekend event

This double experience weekend event is one of the perks in relation to the “Overwatch” game as part of the first year anniversary. There are a lot more events and perks likely coming to the game during the celebration of its anniversary, but for now, users can enjoy this event as the first of many to come.

Blizzard Entertainment has promised that they will celebrate this popular game's first birthday in a big way. The game was successful even in its first months after release, and, with the creation of new characters, new skins, and new events like these, it will likely gain even more of a loyal following as it moves along. Blizzard is already an industry titan as it is, and "Overwatch" has managed to build them up even further in the eyes of both new and longtime players.

Gamers and experts all over the world are expecting big things, like new playable characters, new maps, and stunning updates that will surely amaze players worldwide.