Smartwatches and wearable gears are quite the rage these days. Fitness trackers offered by different companies measure the daily activity of its wearer and let them know their exact heart rates. While these are impressive and exciting functionalities, Huawei has brought something to its wearable which is unique and not offered currently by any other brand.

Most wearable allows the user to monitor heart rate and the calorie burned through exercise, but Huawei has announced a new feature in the Huawei Fit, which is unlike any other. The newest functionality allows the wearer to monitor swimming data.

Huawei Fit Swimming mode added

People who have the habit of diving into the pool for a swim as a way of working out will now be glad to know that the company has added the “Swimming mode” into its product.

Last Fall, the company had hinted to the functionality coming soon to the product, but it has now been introduced through an update. This means that apart from the customizable exercise modes tailored specifically for walking, jogging, and bicycling, the swimming option will now be available.

How will the Swimming mode work?

The company Huawei says that the Fit will be able to recognize the swimming style of its wearer automatically. For instance, if the user is more of a butterfly stroke swimmer rather than freestyle, the wearable will recognize the user’s movements and make a record of it in the companion app. Recognizing the swim style is essential in determining the stroke rate of the wearer.

The Fit will also be able to record the swim data of the user, meaning it will monitor the swimming statistics, such as the laps, distance, average stroke rate, time, and more.

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The fitness tracker along with its companion app will also measure the swimmer’s efficiency through a statistic which is familiar to swimmers. The SWOLF score measures the number of strokes it takes the user to cross one pool length along with the time it took to swim that distance.

The measurement is used by swimmers to get an idea of their expertise. It can also be used to improve previous timings and stroke rates in a bid to achieve greater SWOLF scores. Swimmers will be able to perform all these functionalities with the Huawei Fit and its companion app.

Early reviews of the Huawei Fit had been positive mostly, but critics stated that the device was too focused on the running aspect and did not support sport-like activities. With the addition of the Swimming Mode, Huawei seems to have taken a step in the right direction. It remains to be seen how users respond to this change in the fitness tracker.