Rumors began to fly over the redesign of the Pixel Phone after it was announced that Google hired a top chip architect away from Apple. The plan is to design their own chip set for the Pixel. The new chips will appear in future editions of the Pixel phone. Google also announced that it would update its popular Chrome Browser. Users will have to wait, however, as the updates won't appear until sometime next year.

Google hires its own chip set designer

Variety reported that the company hired Manu Gulati, who spearheaded chip development for Apple. Gulati was hired by Apple in 2009. He joined Google in the last few weeks and posted on his Linkedin profile his change in job status.

His official title at Google is Lead SoC Architect. Neither Apple nor Google have confirmed the change. The changes didn't stop with just hiring Gulati, though.

The mega corporation plans to hire additional chip architects to design its chip set. Previously, Google purchased the chips for its Pixel phone from Qualcomm. By having their own chip designer, it will give Google a competitive edge because most phone chips are produced by Qualcomm, making it hard to differentiate from Android phones.

Previously, Google offered the Nexus phones, which promoted the Android operating system, but they were on the lower end price-wise and had an older chip set. With the debut of the Pixel phone, it allows Google to go head-to-head with Apple because the Pixel is a premium smartphone.

Apple plans to release its latest edition of the iPhone, the iPhone 8, and rumors have continued to swirl in terms of what users can expect in the device.

The iPhone/Android debate may become more interesting

Tech Digg reported that the rumor mill is operating at full force over Google's plans for a new phone since Google is not planning to go forward with its 5.5 inch Pixel XL.

Although Google released two different handsets, and the XL performed better, fans are disappointed that Google isn't planning to release the new handset. Since Google hired Gulati, it became clear that Google is planning to take on Apple and target the iPhone market and market share.

BGR reported that during the eight years Gulati spent at Apple he contributed to the development of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Since Apple has a custom chip design, they obliterate competitors with every release. Developing their own chip sets will allow Google to actually compete with Apple, and also differentiate their products from other premium Android smartphones.

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