Apple CEO tim cook has now shared his company’s vision for the future of driverless vehicles as he revealed some details regarding one of their top secret projects called Project Titan. According to Cook, building autonomous vehicle systems will be the “mother of all” artificial intelligence projects and Apple is willing to take on the challenge.

Focusing on systems

During an interview with Bloomberg TV, the CEO told investors that they were pouring in significant amounts of resources towards developing the software and systems specifically made for driverless vehicles.

The announcement was likely to bolster investor confidence amidst fears of a sector-wide slowdown.

To inspire renewed confidence for the future of Apple, Cook revealed some details regarding its mysterious Project Titan. The project, which is aimed at building AI technology and complex systems for autonomous vehicles, is headed by Apple veteran, Bob Mansfield.

Not competing with manufacturers

When Apple initially expressed its interest in driverless vehicles, most had thought that the company was going to go against some of the big name vehicle manufacturers with its very own product.

However, that notion now seems very unlikely as Apple may be leaning more towards building systems for autonomous vehicles and leaving the manufacturing to established automotive companies.

Cook’s statements regarding Project Titan indicates that they are indeed heavily investing in developing a complex AI system that may become a standard throughout various automotive products.

Cook dodged questions regarding the nature of the possible product to come out of the project, but he did mention that it would be a “core technology” that will become very important.

A good decision

Motor industry experts have mentioned that Apple’s move to focus more on automotive systems as opposed to building a vehicle from the ground up was a god decision that may eventually save them millions of dollars.

According to David Bailey, an industry expert from Aston University in Birmingham, Apple is already an expert when it comes to building user-friendly and intuitive systems.

Their experience in the smartphone market may also give them an edge over rivals that are also planning to get into the autonomous vehicle software game. The company’s years of experience in building systems that are already fine-tuned to user behavior and preferences will allow them to build a system that would take other companies years and millions of dollars to develop.