Most people probably don't know that Apple, one of the biggest and most popular tech manufacturing companies in the world, once dabbled in the fashion industry back in the late 80s and early 90s. It is not yet clear how exactly its technical prowess in building home computers relates to fashion, but the company did release an entire line of clothing, called "The Apple Collection," in 1986. Now, one of the rarest items in the company's collection is going up for auction. The Apple-branded sneakers, which was never actually released to the public, is now being sold at auction with a cool $15,000 Starting Price.

Why so expensive?

Heritage Auctions, the company that is putting the Apple sneakers up for auction on eBay, estimates that the footwear itself may actually be worth more than $30,000. However, it isn't really clear just yet if the winning bid will surpass that threshold. Then again, Apple memorabilia and other related items have sold for ridiculous amounts of money in the past. Just last year, a leather jacket that was worn by Steve Jobs himself on several occasions was sold by another private vendor for a whopping $22,000.

Unique footwear

The pair of Apple-branded vintage sneakers sports the company's colorful rainbow logo, which was, of course, kind of cool during that time. The shoes were actually never released to the public and never really left the prototype stage.

However, several pairs were given to Apple employees. Most employees wore them daily, and seeing as the pair that is being sold for auction looks to be a mint pair, it may actually fetch quite a hefty price from die-hard collectors. The auction for the pair will officially start on June 11. As previously mentioned, bidding will start at $15,000.

Apple fashion

Unlike the company that everyone knows today, the minimalistic and modern Apple of this decade, 90s Apple was actually quite a colorful company. The obnoxious colors and designs are apparent in the clothing line Apple released during that time. The line included several items, such as oversized sweatshirts, windbreakers, T-shirts, caps, watches and other items.

Some of the items were printed with colorful letters, spelling the word "Apple," with designs that looked like they were made by a teenager using Word Art. It is not yet clear if the black turtleneck-wearing Steve Jobs had anything to do with the fashion line. Fortunately, Apple has not yet shown any hints that it will be returning to the fashion industry anytime soon.

Check out this parody of Apple's 1986 Fashion Line: