Hyperloop transportation technology ( HTT ), is an advanced fifth Mode Of Transportation which was put forward by Elon Musk. Digital Trends reported that the main concept of this technology is that the hyperloop system requires a tube either under the ground or above the surface that contains highly compressed air. Throughout the length of the tube, a capsule would be able to travel from both the ends. The proposed capsules may convey either passengers or goods.

Hyperloop transportation technology

The technology behind this evolving transportation is that Hyperloop consists of a low pressurized tube with the capsules inside them.

These capsules could travel at both high and low speeds from both the ends of the tube. The capsules would be filled with pressurized air and be accelerated through a magnetic linear accelerator that would be fixed at various stations in the low-pressure tube. Passengers could enter and exit the Hyperloop at the stations located at either end of the capsule.

With the Hyperloop transport system, both passengers and cargo could be transported in capsules and they would be propelled by magnets at a speed of 760 mph. This is a relatively High Speed when compared to all other forms of existing transportation. Elon Musk gave Digital Trends a perfect example of how this could work on a line between Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Add-on info about Hyperloop

The seating arrangements would be structured carefully so that they maintains comfort even during high-speed acceleration.

The capsule/pod would be best left transparent so that travelers could enjoy the scenic view. All the passengers in the capsules could be given access to a radio so that they could contact the station operators for their assistance. It will be immune to weather, and more especially, resistant to earthquakes. Overall the Hyperloop capsules are designed in such a way to provide comfort and safety during the passenger's journey

The infrastructure of the Hyperloop system will be designed so that it is reliable and will remain durable over the years.

Each capsule would be equipped with an emergency first aid kid. The Hyperloop system would also need to meet all the current safety standards.

The Hyperloop capsules/pods could arrive every 30 seconds. The Hyperloop system would provide a carbon-free transport mode and therefore be completely environmentally friendly. The Hyperloop transportation could help to connect cities within minutes and would greatly reduce travel time.

This mode of transport will be much more comfortable than traveling by road and much cheaper than airline costs. In short, Hyperloop transport probably the best alternative for transportation that we have seen in recent times.