The iPhone is an excellent companion that facilitates in a lot of ways – unless your battery is out of order. Once the juice is gone, you are left with a lovely paperweight for a mobile phone. It is frustrating when you struggle to make your battery last between charges, and you don’t want to look for an outlet more often than you have to. But it's possible to keep your mobile device working on the go with the following Tips.

Turn on low-power mode

Low Power Mode reduces the amount of power that your iPhones use when the batteries get low. To turn it on, you should go to the Settings option and then look for “Battery.” If the Low Power Mode is off, your iPhone battery won’t last long, and some of its features might take hours to update or complete.

Plus, some tasks might not work until you turn it on or charge your mobile to 75% or higher. If you have installed an iOS 9 or later on your iPhone, then you should take advantage of Apple’s newfangled Low Power Mode.

Turn off iCloud

iCloud is one of the most popular cloud computing services to date. It was first launched by Apple Inc. in October 2011 and had over 800 million users until 2016. With iCloud, you can save pictures, music videos, and documents on remote servers for download to macOS, Windows, and iOS devices.

But this feature slows down the functioning of your mobile device, so you should turn it off before the battery is dead. Go to the Settings option on your iPhone or iPad, and then scroll down and sign out of iCloud.

Reduce screen brightness

A bright screen will drain your battery faster than another function, so dimming it down will have immediate effects. You should go to the Settings option, and then turn Auto-Brightness off.

You should also turn off the Automatic Download option. Updating your apps, games, and music is useful, but it might take a bite out of your Battery Life.

If you want your iPhone battery to last for months, you can go to the Settings option and switch off automatic downloads.

Get an external battery

These days, most of the mobile phones lack a user-replaceable battery, making the External Battery an essential accessory. If Apple has not sent you a well-functioning battery, an external battery is the only solution for you.

For long journeys, festivals, events, and conference calls, an external battery can last for eight to ten hours. Independent reports that Aukey Power Bank and Zendure QC Pro Portable Charger are the best external batteries for an iPhone. Have you tried an external battery?

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