Dji continues to be the leading manufacturer and the most trusted brand when it comes to commercial camera drones and quadcopters. The company's latest DJI Mavic Pro camera drone is immensely successful and is one of the best-selling camera drones in the market today. A big factor in the drone's success is, of course, its portability. Now, DJI is reportedly planning to improve on that aspect by introducing an even smaller drone this time around in the form of the rumored DJI Spark.

Big planned event

Dà-Jiāng Innovations Science and Technology Co., Ltd, or simply DJI, has already announced that they are going to be holding a big event on May 24.

The company hasn't really divulged any information yet regarding what the event will be all about. However, the latest reports have claimed that the event may be used as a venue to finally launch a new camera drone product that would complement the company's growing product line-up.

Growing hype for an unannounced product

The DJI Spark has long been rumored to be coming out very soon. The alleged new drone, which will essentially be a scaled-down version of the DJI Mavic Pro, was originally spotted on the company's Chinese forums earlier in the month. Unfortunately, that page was immediately pulled out, but not before it ignited a flurry of reports online. DJI also owns the trademark to the "Spark" name, which only serves to back up the rumors and increase the hype even further.

Below is an alleged hands-on video of the DJI Spark:

Smaller is better

With the success of the compact DJI Mavic Pro, the company is expected to apply the same formula to its upcoming new product. The biggest challenge, however, is how exactly they will be able to fit in the same advanced features as the Mavic into a much smaller device.

If the company will be able to pull it off, then they may be looking at another commercial success that will significantly change the drone market once again.

Another big factor is how the company will be pricing the new DJI Spark. The current DJI Mavic Pro is still quite expensive, at $999 retail, which is still out of reach for most consumers.

Being a smaller device, the company will likely be able to drop down the price quite a bit and hopefully make it within range for those who are just starting out their drone flying hobby. A combination of high portability, affordable pricing, and advanced features will be the perfect mix for a great product from the leading drone manufacturer this year.