To get an edge over rival carriers AT&T and Verizon, T-Mobile is looking to introduce its very own smartphone. That’s right! According to rumors, a T-Mobile branded smartphone is in the works. The smartphone from the network operator will be affordable and boast top-end features.

T-Mobile’s smartphone

According to a report from Android Authority, which managed to lay its hands on the marketing material belonging to the company, the carrier is apparently working on two plans. The first plan reveals that the carrier intends to launch its own brand of smartphone.

The rumored device is anticipated to be a “value based smartphone.”

The rumored smartphone will be made exclusively for T-Mobile and will come loaded with features found on premium handsets that regularly cost $650 to $850. Think of top-end devices like the LG G6 or the Galaxy S8 to get an idea of the features. However, what will set the T-Mobile Smartphone apart will be its inexpensive pricing. Despite robust features and specs, the rumored smartphone from T-Mobile is expected to be priced reasonably.

Who will manufacture the handset?

No details regarding the manufacturer of the rumored device has been revealed as of now. However, the smartphone is expected to be an Android one. It is expected that customers will have to sign up for the T-Mobile ONE plan to avail the “value based” handset.

However, at this juncture, everything is simply speculation and the rumors of a T-Mobile smartphone should be taken with a grain of salt.

What is the second plan?

The second plan, as revealed by the alleged marketing materials, suggests that users will be getting a lifetime warranty and insurance along with the rumored device.

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This means that if the phone is damaged or broken, users can replace it without any problem. The plan is expected to be a commitment free one, where users will be able to return the device anytime they want.

When will the two plans become available?

The marketing material revealed that the network operator is expected to launch both plans in Q3 2017.

This means that consumers can expect them two become available anywhere from July to September. Whether the two plans will be rolled out simultaneously or separately is not known.

Will the smartphone entice consumers?

The proposed carrier-branded smartphone would look to attract consumers with its cheap pricing. However, whether this would be sufficient to lure prospective buyers remains to be seen. People may be hesitant to purchase a T-Mobile branded handset with premium specs if the manufacturer is not a well-known one.