Just a few weeks ago, the South Korean tech giant released its flagship device for this year, the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy S8. The device's impressive specs and features come with a price, while many have already got their own units, some others are closely keeping watch for deals that is often launched by the company or by retailers. In the wake of the upcoming releases from other competitors, Samsung and several other carriers launched a massive deal that will certainly benefit the buying public.

How to avail yourself of the best deal?

In the past, there were a lot of deals for the samsung galaxy s8 flagship device.

However, most of them turned consumers off for their contracts and paper works. There were previous deals offering a free unit but customers need to open a new line, some require to lease both phones. This latest deal from the South Korean does not just sound too good to be true because they are really true. However, this latest offer is only applicable to those residing in the United States. To avail this, all you have to do is activate one out of the two Galaxy S8 device on an existing T-Mobile line via the Samsung official website. The company will then issue a refund of $750 for the second smartphone. The refund will arrive within 7 to 10 days on the same method that you use to purchase the device.

Free entertainment kit

It appears that the South Korean giant is feeling generous. Aside from the latest buy one get one free deal, the company will also give away an entertainment kit. To avail this, consumers must purchase the Samsung Galaxy S8 on the company's official website. After that, you will receive the entertainment kit which is comprised of a Clear View stand, a six months subscription to Netflix, and a 64 GB microSD card.

While this offer is only for US residents, there is a great possibility that the company will launch this in other regions as well.

Meanwhile, several tech analysts are anticipating that the company will reveal the next Galaxy Note 8 this year. The device is expected to sport a dual camera setup at the back. In addition, it will reportedly run on the next generation Qualcomm chipset and will run on the latest version of Android Nougat.

The infamous Galaxy Note 7 is also being speculated to be released this year with a new name, Galaxy Note 7R. The device allegedly will trim down its battery capacity to ensure that the past incidents will not happen again. The company has not confirmed yet any information about the two upcoming devices.