Taking the smartphone realm by shock last month, Samsung's new mobile chief D.J. Koh announced that the company would be coming out with a successor to its ill-fated Galaxy note 7 later this year. As expected, more and more rumors and leaks surrounding the upcoming phone allegedly dubbed as the Galaxy Note 8, started pouring in from all corners.

More details leaked online

More shreds of information surrounding the purported Note-branded smartphone were leaked online in the form of a recently surfaced report from Telefoonabonnement. According to the said report, the rumored handset is likely to feature a fingerprint scanner that could be embedded underneath the device's display.

Aside from that, it is expected to sport a vertically placed dual camera setup on the back.

The Note 8 smartphone was spotted online earlier this month throwing more light on its camera setup and a slew of other specifications. The new leak centers on demo images of a dummy smartphone shared by a Weibo user. The leaked images seem to bear a striking resemblance to the Galaxy Note 8 flagship smartphone. For those unaware, handset manufacturers ship a dummy device to companies that design cases and screen protectors for their impending handsets. These companies then refer to the dummy of a specific device to get an exact idea about its shape and size.

Here's how the Note 8 could look like

A YouTube channel known as Concept Creator recently rolled out a video footage that gives Galaxy fans a brief glimpse of a 3D printed Note 8 concept unit.

The handset sports an all-screen design, which is further augmented with a rear-mounted vertical dual lens camera.

Just like on previous Galaxy smartphones, the camera is located in a central position. Surprisingly, the leak does not show fingerprint sensor on the back of the device. Since the South Korean handset maker is highly unlikely to get rid of the sensor from its forthcoming smartphones, it looks like the company might come with a display-embedded sensor instead.

In the leaked photo, the unnamed Weibo user placed the Note 8 dummy by the side of the Galaxy S7 edge in order to match the phablet's size and shape. The image clearly shows that the upcoming smartphone will be comparatively bigger than the aforesaid Galaxy handset with a relatively rectangular shape.

Aside from that, the dummy also seems to bear a body display ratio of over 83 percent of both Galaxy S8 smartphones.

If rumors prove to be true, the Galaxy Note 8 could look more or less like the recently spotted 3D printed dummy unit.

There's also hearsay that Apple is planning to have a dual lens camera, an all-screen design, and a Touch ID sensor under the display for the 2017 iteration of its iPhone flagship.