LG's might be finally deviate from its long-reigning pattern, which comprises using LCD panels on its smartphone. While they look impressive, they don't stack up against what Samsung uses in its highly-commended Galaxy and Note branded smartphones. It's no secret that LG is a smaller OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in terms of smartphone market share as compared to Samsung. In the bid to change that, the South Korean tech firm is reportedly gearing up to ship its first smartphone with an OLED display, dubbed V30, in the third quarter of this year - most likely in September. Let's delve into more details.

OLED display-equipped LG smartphone

Unnamed sources suggest that LG will start production of the V30, which the company will be pitting against the ill-fated Note lineup from Samsung, with OLED screen and here's why. Now, it is imperative for the said handset to matchup Samsung's features in terms of the display to have a chance of competing with the well-received phone series. It's also worth noting that despite the hyped Note 7 fiasco, smartphone enthusiasts have not ceased clamoring for the Note 8. Lining with this, the sources stated that LG will spruce the V30 up with an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) screen. The decision to oust LCD in favor of OLED seems quite logical since the latter offer deeper blacks and more vivid colors than the former.

The purported smartphone will hit the store shelves later this year. If things go as planned, LG will launch its next flagship known as the G7 in 2018, and no prizes for guessing, it will boast an OLED display as well. Furthermore, LG plans to manufacture Apple's OLED panels for the forthcoming iPhones. However, quality control may be a stone in LG's path, if that comes to fruition: LG’s V lineup of handsets is touted as prosumer devices that pack a slew media creation tools, giving owners inferior control in terms of video quality and camera setting just to name a few.

That being said, an enhanced display could comprehensively differentiate the V30 from the company's recently launched G6 smartphone. Moreover, OLED is vital when it comes to integrating VR (virtual reality) and Google’s Daydream platform.

iPhone 8 likely to come with OLED display

There's also hearsay that Apple is on the verge of making the big switch to OLED for its rumored iPhone 8 flagship smartphone, which is slated to arrive this fall.

However, the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus handsets that are said to launch alongside, will still feature Lcd Screens. Meanwhile, Apple's lips are still sealed regarding its long-rumored smartphone that we've all been waiting for with bated breath.

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