OnePlus 5 is one of the heavily speculated smartphones in the market today. Earlier this year, the buzz about the upcoming flagship has been all over the web. Almost every day, a new leak is out revealing something about the device, which includes color variants, specs, features, and even price. Today, a new leak is out and it discloses the Release Date of the highly anticipated flagship device. The company, on the other hand, teases a sample of the photo using the phone's camera.

Release date details

OnePlus 5 is expected to be released in the summer of this year. However, what we have are only vague information, the company did not specify the exact date that the device will be available.


While there are several speculations about the device's availability in the market, a recent post in GizmoChina could potentially give consumers more substantial information.

The post is a screenshot of an internal email sent by the company that shows the smartphone's launch date scheduled on June 15. Apparently, the email was sent to prepare for the marketing and advertising of the flagship device. It is also possible that it was deliberately leaked to create hype about the handset.

Leaked images

Aside from the release date, another set of images was posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo showing the front and the rear side of the smartphone. The leaked images corroborated with the company's previous confirmation about the fingerprint sensor and the home button on the front panel.

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The rear part reveals the vertical dual camera setup and a pattern that is a totally different from its predecessor.

The previous leaks show a shiny back part that resembles the OnePlus 3, while this latest appears to be in a rugged design. There were previous claims that OnePlus 5 will have a horizontal dual camera setup that will compete with the iPhone 7s. As for now, this feature is not yet confirmed by the company.

Sample photo

Meanwhile, the company, on its official Twitter account post a sample photo and teased consumers if they can tell which photo is taken using OnePlus 5. It can be recalled that the company previously announced that it has partnered with DxO Labs to improve and enhance the device's camera including its sensor and placement.


Will this collaboration yield impressive results? Can OnePlus 5 now take on the smartphone giants? We will update you with more information about the Chinese flagship device as soon as information become available.