Bioware released a new Patch yesterday for “Mass Effect Andromeda” that saw the implementation of several fixes for major bugs, as well as a slew of new downloadable content for the third person shooter that released on March 27 earlier this year. The game was notoriously plagued with a ton of animation glitches that upset longtime fans of the series that expected more from the experienced game developer Bioware. However, Bioware has made attempts since the launch to repair all of these animation bugs, along with other major known glitches such as the severe lag that players experienced randomly in the multiplayer, which used to suffer because of the Bioware servers and falling inside of the multiplayer maps during game-play.

Get ready to shoot through solid objects

Bioware also released a brand new character for the multiplayer in Mass Effect Andromeda with the brand new Turian Agent. The Turian Agent is a recombination of one of the Geth characters from Bioware's “Mass Effect 3,” but he is certainly a welcomed addition for players. Powers are always an important issue when it comes to the multiplayer and the Turian Agent excels with a small range of abilities. The Turian Agent has the flamethrower ability, which any astute fan of the Krogan Mercenary will know is a major crowd control ability, and the Turian Agent also possesses the tactical cloak ability which is extremely helpful for objective rounds in the multiplayer.

Moreover, the Turian Agent has a brand new power for his third ability, which is recon visor. Using recon visor allows players to shoot enemies through cover for a small duration, which becomes a major asset on gold difficulty playthroughs.

A new weapon to toy with!

In addition to the Turian Agent, Bioware also added a brand new gun as well with the longtime promised X5 Ghost assault rifle, which was confirmed to arrive after the game debuted in March.

Bioware added five brand new equipment mods as well, with the first slated to be available today in the multiplayer store. Previously, Bioware added the inferno ultra-rare sniper rifle, equipment mods, and the Salarian Architect, but the game developer has been teasing a big downloadable content related to the missing ark mentioned at the end of the campaign.

Fans of the series are still asking for alien races which were surprisingly missing from “Mass Effect Andromeda” such as: Drell, Volus, Quarians, and more. However, Bioware has still not confirmed when fans can expect to see the ark-related downloadable content.

Moving staff around

In fact, Bioware recently moved a large portion of their staff from their studio Bioware Montreal to work on the brand new recently announced “Star Wars Battlefront II,” instead of the sequel to “Mass Effect Andromeda.” The reason for the move was the lackluster and angry responses that “Mass Effect Andromeda” received from fans after releasing in March. Yet, Bioware has assured fans that there is a portion of staff at Bioware Montreal, who are all still working on new patches, support, and downloadable content for the “Mass Effect Andromeda” multiplayer. The next downloadable character rumored to come to the “Mass Effect Andromeda” universe in the multiplayer is said to be a new Angaran character called the Angaran Exemplar.