Koei Tecmo is planning other games that will be incorporated using the latest Nintendo Switch console. The company aims to put titles that are playable in the game to boost sales and to give chances for Switch console owners. Much like the famous games such as "Atelier Firis," "Fire Emblem" and more, Koei is expanding their reach despite the new innovations that are released every couple of years. PlayStation 4 and the PC is always the popular platforms for their games and expanding their reaches to the Nintendo Switch console will boost sales and customers' satisfaction.

According to sources, Koei Tecmo's president and CEO mentioned some comments the Nintendo Switch console. Incorporating games into the Switch will make it easier for them to port it to numerous consoles out there such as PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. This idea will also boost productivity and lessen the burden on the company's part. In addition, the major feature of the Switch, which allows users to play anytime and anywhere, is the main thing that attracted the company's attention. This unique feature will make their games successful and compact. Actually, there are titles that are already released from Koei Tecmo with Omega Drive, which is "Fire Emblem Warriors."

Nintendo Switch's feature

Nintendo Switch has that feature that makes playing easier.

Unlike other consoles such as PlayStation 4, this console has the feature that allows players to play everywhere. The name "Switch" best describes the said console because the users will just have to detach and attach the controllers on both sides. Playing with friends is made easy because of the two controllers that are attached to the right side and the left side.

Console's versatility at its best

First, players can play using their HD televisions as they sit comfortably in their homes. On the other hand, they can simply detach the two sides of the controller and undock to "switch" to handheld mode. This handheld mode allows players to play everywhere. Lastly, flipping the stand at the back of the screen and undocking the two sides of the console will initiate a two-player feature.

This is good when playing with friends. Nintendo Switch's "Joy-con" is the controller that can either be played vertically or horizontally depending on the console's mode.

Nintendo Switch's future is looking bright with the recent plans from famous game companies. One of that would be Koei Tecmo to broaden horizons with their current and upcoming titles.