Microsoft Windows 10 may only be two years old (or rather close to it), but already it has come a long way, with some massive additions to its features. The latest of these significant changes, collectively known as the Fall Creators Update, was previewed in depth at the Microsoft Build developers’ conference in Seattle.

But that wasn’t the only surprise in store for the attendees. What really got a lot of attention were signs of a warming partnership with none other than Apple itself. This was made plain by the news that certain iconic Apple apps from their operating systems are now going to be available on the Windows Store.

Apples on the Windows Store

Quite a number of computer users would argue that Apple’s music apps are pretty awesome in and of themselves, so those of them who have Windows 10 can now rejoice for the fact that before this year is out, the Windows Store will be offering both Apple Music and Itunes on their app list.

That, of course, opens up the possibility of downloading and installing these apps on the Windows 10 S, which only allows Windows Store apps to it. It’s becoming quite clear that Microsoft is keen on making it easy for content to be easily transferable between Windows and any other platform.

This is quite the boon for Microsoft added to their Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which is a follow-up to the quite new Creators Update that became available for Windows 10 users just last month.

And the Windows Store presence of iTunes and Apple Music, some of the most searched for apps on any computer or mobile device, will be like a pie in the face of tech-heads who used to joke that “They’ll believe (any tech rumor) when iTunes comes to the Windows Store.” Well, now it will be.

Apple ought to be quite happy too, seeing as how iTunes can pull its weight in delivering profits even when device sales go into slumps.

Other ‘Creator Update’ news

More information has also been divulged by Microsoft regarding some of the new apps and features to come in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. One is the ‘Windows Story Remix,' a nifty and easy to use tool for transforming still pictures and video footage into mini-movies with cinematic transitions and canned soundtracks.

The cloud-based ‘OneDrive’ Files on Demand feature allows the access of personal files stored in the cloud without the need for downloading into a computer.

These cool stuff along with Apple apps in the Windows Store are going to be a real deal-maker for Microsoft fans looking to buy the new Surface laptop, akin to having the best of both worlds as it were.