Google has now made their latest collaboration hardware, the digital whiteboard device called the Jamboard, officially available. The “rethinking of what a whiteboard should be” was previously unveiled back in October of last year. The company basically replaced the standard whiteboard with a large digital touch screen that sports some nifty features all aimed at increasing productivity.

Designed for the modern office

As previously announced by the company, the Google Jamboard was made specifically for the enterprise and business market. The device is basically a large 55-inch 4K Uhd touchscreen display that acts as a canvas for digital presentations, collaborations, and brainstorming sessions.

The screen comes with a couple of styluses, an “eraser,” and an option to either have a free wall mount or a $1,000-extra built-in rolling stand.

Connectivity and productivity

The Jamboard can work simultaneously with other devices, via its companion app, as its data is stored in the cloud in real-time. This means that any scribbles, doodles, graphs, and other data are stored automatically without any actions from the user. The device also works directly with Google Docs and the company’s G Suite plan. Users can directly import graphs and text from online documents or insert images directly from Google search. The advanced whiteboard can also detect things that are being drawn and respond accordingly.

As an example, when users try to draw a circle, Jamboard automatically tweaks the drawing for it to be a perfect circle.

Advanced hardware

Being a 2017 offering for the modern office, the Jamboard comes equipped with some high-tech hardware. The screen, for instance, has a 120Hz touch refresh rate, which means that there is no visible lag with the user’s input and the display.

The touchscreen is also accurate up to 1mm. The display's accuracy and performance are all thanks to a custom-built Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor built into the device. For added functionality, the whiteboard also comes with a wide-angle camera, downward firing speakers, and built-in microphones.

The new Google Jamboard is now available to purchase in the United States.

UK and Canada buyers will reportedly be able to get their hands on the device before the summer ends. The digital whiteboard will start at $4,999, which will include two styluses, an eraser, and a wall mount. Customers will also need to fork out an additional $300 as an added fee for management and support. On top of that, users also need to pay an additional $10 per month for the G Suite Plan.

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