The first day of the annual Google I/O developer conference started Wednesday and announced new and interesting developments for the Android platform. Google did not unveil any major new hardware but instead made incremental improvements to the existing ones.

Here are a few things the search giant has announced on its first day of the conference.

Google Lens

This new technology allows a device’s camera to identify what it sees, says CEO Sundar Pichai. This means users can point their camera at any object. For example, a flower, the Lens then identifies the name of the flower a user is pointing at.

In another demonstration, Pichai was able to connect to a home’s Wi-Fi network just by taking a picture of the sticker on the router.

Improved Google Assistant

Google has announced that its A.I. assistant will get more conversational in the coming months. The personal assistant will be integrated with Google Lens which means users are able to talk with Google Assistant about the things their cameras are seeing.

Some users prefer not to talk with the personal assistant when they are in public places. Because of this, Google will now allow users to type their queries on their devices.

The Google Assistant now on iOS devices

Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements made by Google, at least for iPhone users, is the availability of Google Assistant on iOS devices.

Google’s personal assistant is far more superior than Apple’s Siri as it lets users ask more complicated queries and actions. The only advantage Siri has over Assistant is its international language as Google only works in English.

However, the Assistant will soon support other languages such as German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.

Improved Google Home

The Home will also receive additional features, most notably the hands-free calling. Users are now allowed to call any landline or mobile phones just asking Home to make a call.

This is only applicable in the US and Canada.

Google Home will now also give users updates without having to prompt for one. For example, if users have an event on their calendar and there is a traffic jam, Home will notify the users to leave early for the event due to the traffic jam.

Stay tuned for more announcement from the company's developer conference.

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