Tech loyalties see the promise of artificial intelligence and machine learning to be quite impossible. For some, this was tagged as an outlying ambition, but now Google has made incredible practical Applications that will surely make people gasp in awe.

Google held their annual developer conference close to their Mountain View office, and unleashed different yet best-sophisticated apps. Some may find these advancements to be ordinary, but sources noted that the giant company put its effort into computing to make new things work.

On the day of the event, tech savvy people did not expect any new hardware launches.

They stood by for the tech multinational company’s announcement about last year’s cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and personal assistant apps.

Google Lens

First up is the Google Lens. This is said a new initiative of Google that uses image recognition. It basically identifies objects present in your camera in real time. Sources noted that advanced technology uses deep learning in editing and makes photos more useful and reasonable.

For example, if a person is looking for a Wi-Fi connection, the user can simply point to the sticker where you can find the router password. It’ll automatically connect you to the network with no hassle.

Another example of its usage is entirely editing photos like removing the barbed wire from a picture taken through a barricade.

Also, it can instantly receive reviews of a restaurant. It can translate a menu written in a different language just by pointing your smartphone at it. Users can even ask what kind of dish is on the food card.

The giant tech company did not give a timeline for when rhe Google lens will go live, but for many on-the-go people will crave the high-tech initiative.

Google Assistant

This was formerly known as Google Now. Updates for the said assistant are coming out now. Google made iPhone users happier as the assistant is now available on iTunes.

Google Home

Being updated is really important, especially to people who are too busy to ask things every now and then. Google Home will light up whenever it has something that it considers the user wishes to know.

Sources noted that it’s like a traffic buzz, however, users should ask first what is up.

Furthermore, it now has the access to send things to the user's smartphone or Chromecast. This means the user will be able to ask Google Home to forward directions to the user’s phone.

Google Photos

Google Photos has new Google Books, which will help users find the best pictures if one decided to throw them all away. The selection will be based on the photo quality. Also, it’ll use machine learning to look at the user’s pictures and suggest sharing the good ones.

Google also developed and introduced Shared Libraries. This allows another user to have access to the person’s whole photo library. But of course, the user can set up certain limits.

Android O

The latest android is coming. For now, Google named it as Android O but in no time, it’ll get a new name. No major updates, only better life improvements.

Virtual Reality

Google now has standalone VR handsets. Unlike last year’s release, the giant company launched a DayDream VR. The latest handsets work with Lenovo, HTC, and other third-party co-manufacturers. No further details were spilled, but specifics will be given soon.