With all the new Windows operating programs, people are getting confused. But, Chromebook is giving us a new kind of laptop. It connects to the internet through Google and it works just like a Windows or Macintosh device. The Chromebook is direct, uncomplicated and doesn't use the software stored on a hard drive. It runs on Google Chrome's operating system and depends on Google Applications in the cloud. It's easy and secure, and the Chromebook makes doing assignments in the classroom or using the device at work fast and simple. According to research, Chromebook sales have surpassed Windows notebook commerce.

Additionally, the setup on a Chromebook can be done in a couple of minutes -- you can be up and running without any complications.

Chromebook has been designed to be convenient

Chromebook blends Googles top services smoothly into the user experience. With Chromebook, using Google applications like Google Maps and others is easier than before. When you compare Chromebook to the common laptop, it's these tools that make it better. Owners find the power core, built-in keyboard, and the full-size screen very beneficial. These traits give people the quality they want, while the device is also portable, light, and durable.

The device runs on the Cloud

One of the aspects that makes Chromebook different from traditional laptops is that it makes use of the Cloud.

Chromebook has to be connected to the internet because many of the applications are cloud-based. This gets rid of having to store or run software on a built-in hard drive. It helps increase performance and speed while freeing up storage space. An internet connection is needed to use most of Chromebook's functions, so, if you need to use a device without internet access, a laptop may be better.

However, Chromebook is still a more efficient way to do your work, and it's better than all the hybrids on the market right now.

Google recently improved it's Play Store and updated all newly released Chromebook devices, giving customers access to millions of applications. The new Chromebook Flip is affordable, with an innovative Core processor and full High Definition monitors.

It has big touchscreens and bright keyboards as well.

Would you use a Chromebook over a traditional laptop?

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