Leaked photos of the DJI’s new Drone, reportedly named the Spark, have surfaced, spilling what resembles a tinier version of the foldable Mavic Pro. Reports say that the device is possibly a selfie-taking and a less expensive drone, whose pictures have since been taken down.

It’s not clear who uploaded the photos of the Spark on the already defunct webpage of the Chinese DJI forums, but the good guys over at TechCrunch managed to have saved a few photos. It looks definitely smaller than the Mavic Pro even with its arms spread out, and the base appears as though it has sensors facing downwards, possibly to provide assistance when in flight.

More details of reported new drone

The front panel of the Spark looks like it could be housing more sensors, which makes it capable of ducking whatever’s in the way. As for the outline of the battery, it’s remarkably similar to the Mavic Pro. Critics notice four contact points, which may be used as a charging dock or for arrival landing. The camera is mounted on a different kind of gimbal from its predecessor. Looking at the photos, it’s assumed that the new drone can only move up and down. To pan it right and left, owners will have to rotate the whole drone.

Meanwhile on YouTube, a supposed prototype of the DJI Spark has been uploaded by a user named Sami Lou. Although the user did not show the drone in flight, it serves as a confirmation that it can only be tilted up and down.

Although it's possibly the new drone, the company has not said anything to back it up.

What’s it for?

Unlike the DJI M200 that supposed to be for mechanical missions, it’s not clear what the DJI Spark is for. There are speculations, though, that the new drone could be a racing drone or a selfie drone. Some are arguing that DJI’s intention is to produce a more affordable drone for short videos and the like, which is possible, considering its size.

The leaked photos have left spectators with quite a lot of questions, including what its controller resembles (which very well could be just a smartphone equipped with a companion app), or if the Spark will have foldable arms like the Mavic Pro. Its price is also still questionable, but it’s likely that it will be more affordable.

As of this writing, DJI hasn’t said anything of the matter yet. Last month, however, news of the company trademarking the name has surfaced. What’s left of drone-fanatics right now is the company’s official statement, including the full specs of the rumored drone.