Samsung recently released their latest Smartphone innovation -- the samsung galaxy s8. The smartphone features an additional lineup of programs and enhancements together with the artificial intelligence and facial recognition features. Samsung dedicated countless days to pursue their goals to release a smartphone that will overpower the last one. However, before the release date, they were anxious and worried that the same thing might happen like the previous flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, which had battery problems. Other than exploding batteries, customers experienced the horrific moment where the Note 7 caught fire during charging or use.

The previous flagship caused troubles for both Samsung and the customer because of its defective system and battery.

In addition, the smartphone may cause a fire in a household or worse, injuries to the owner, resulting in death. Samsung lost $17 billion and their reputation because of that reason, sources say. The design was decent, features are amazing, and durability is superb. However, one part is the destruction of many. Samsung was anxious before the release of the Samsung Galaxy S8, thinking that it may have another defect. Of course, this was tested many times in the factory from quality experts, and those experts saw to it that the previous incident will not happen again.

The ray of light amid dark times

Samsung Galaxy S8 was rumored on the internet with numerous expected features and specifications. With the artificial intelligence named Bixby, the smartphone competed with Apple's artificial intelligence named Siri.

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It is a battle of performance and quality in terms of artificial intelligence. Samsung calls the display of their latest flagship, the "Infinity Display" because of the minimal frames on the sides.

The frame is made of metal while the screen is made of glass, which are two combinations of durability and smooth screen surface. Most problems with other devices have to do with screens getting scratched. However, care is still needed when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S8 because it is glass. Other than the design, the smartphone runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. The screen is large enough to see, there are no more home buttons, and the screens are smooth with crystal display.