The add-in card (AIC) manufacturer, Palit, has now unveiled the world's first quad-fan GeForce GTX 1080 Ti graphics card called the Palit Geforce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock. The company pioneered the four-fan cooling solution called the TurboJET4, which they have used exclusively for their new GameRock Gpu series.

The more fans the better

The company's unique approach to providing a more efficient heat dissipation system has a lot of advantages as compared to incorporating a larger heatsink. Adding more fans is relatively cheaper, for one, as opposed to adding more heat dissipating materials.

At first glance, users may not immediately notice the four fans as the device has been designed to look like a typical two-fan GPU. However, each side actually houses two fans placed on top of each other in a setup called an anti-vortex design. Palit claims that this, in itself, provides several advantages, including lower acoustic levels and a higher amount of air being moved away from the GPU's components.

Cooler and quieter

While it is counter intuitive, the GPU's four fans are actually quieter than most regular two-fan setups. Palit claims that the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti GameRock is actually 6dB quieter under heavy loads than the standard GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition.

Additionally, due to the high amount of air being pushed out, the card is claimed to perform 8 percent better than the Founders Edition.

Despite its slightly overclocked chips, the card is still able to offer about 12 degrees Celsius lower temperatures than the Founders Edition even under heavy gaming load

Full hardware specifications

Palit is offering the Geforce GameRock in two variants, namely the standard GameRock and the GameRock Premium. All other aspects of both cards remain the same except for the slightly bumped base and boost clocks on the GameRock Premium.

The standard variant gets a base clock of 1,518 MHz and 1,708 MHz boost, while the Premium gets a base clock of 1,594 MHz and 1,708 MHz boost.

For gamers who are concerned about aesthetics, the Palit 1080 Ti GameRock comes with a full RGB Lighting Effect feature with RGB SYNC. All of the 16.8 million colors in the spectrum can be customized and can be synced with the motherboard to generate an unlimited amount of lighting variations. Palit has yet to officially announce the cards' pricing and availability, but it should be making an official announcement very soon.