Nintendo made a surprising announcement today that was not anticipated in the tech world. The announcement of the Nintendo 2DS XL has left some fans with amazed with the news. With the recent launch of their hybrid console (Switch) and the severance and end of the selling of NES, the latest handheld was totally unexpeced.

Before you buy Nintendo's latest handheld, check out the top things you should know about the device.

An upgraded version of the 2DS

The clamshell design is a giveaway indicator that this latest handheld is the upgraded version of the old 2DS.

However, there are several improvements that were made by the company. This latest version has the same processor used in the new 3DS XL. In other words, you can play games that used to be exclusive titles to the New 3DS. In addition, you can also enjoy more stable and improved frame rate when playing those 3DS games.

Screen is bigger

For years, the Japanese gaming giant has been rolling out XL variants. In every release of upgraded version, the company bumps up the display as well as the entire device. This is good for users with bigger hands. With the recently announced handheld, the company made a massive improvement on the screen size and increased it by 82 percent from the old, standard version.

Built-in Amiibo support

Nintendo's new handheld has amiibo support, enabling users to use their collection of amiibo without the inconvenience of any extra accessories. It is worth noting that the old version of the handheld requires users to have a separate NFC reader to scan the games.

Data is transferrable

Nintendo has confirmed that you can transfer your data from any 3DS to the new Nintendo 2DS XL.

This is best for those who are planning to buy the handheld who also happens to own a 3DS. This is possible because both handhelds are using the same processor.

Launches with two games

The latest handheld will be released alongside two new games. One is the latest 2D side-scrolling Pikmin adventure titled, HEY! Pikmin. The other game is titled Miitopia.

this game uses the Miis that you created in an RPG adventure. In addition, in this game, you will be allowed to use your created Miis in Tomodachi Life and Miitomo.

Pricing for Nintendo 2DS XL

The new Nintendo 2DS XL will be available starting July 28 in the US at $149.99, which is $50 lower than the New 3DS XL. It will also be released in Australia and New Zealand on June 15 and will cost USD $150 or AUD $200. If you are planning to tap into 3DS wide library, then this is best option for you.