The feat of the Surface Pro and Book devices could be great precedents for the company to launch their own Surface Phone. It is very noticeable, however, that Microsoft has been very cautious with its smartphone ambitions following the incident with its previous mobile partnership with Nokia.

In the late part of 2016, the Surface Phone has been hitting the web with speculations and theories. There were several reports claiming that instead of a launch in 2018, fans will get to experience the device in 2019. Lately, however, a number of patents showing a foldable device were linked to the upcoming phone.

These patents hint on a potential early launch of the much-awaited Windows 10 phone.

Patent application

It appears that the Redmond-based tech conglomerate is up for a great mobile phone comeback. According to several reports, a patent filing for the company’s upcoming device depicts a new type of multiple layered phone display. It is shown to be made up of what appears like tiled panels with curved edges.

The curve, allegedly, is designed to guide the light away from the slits to make it appear that the display screen is one image. The main issue with this kind of display, which involves multilayered panels, is that it breaks the user’s view of the objects shown on the screen. The curved edges in the patent just addressed this problem with hinged displays.

Hybrid phone

There are several designs leaked online that were also claiming to be the design of the upcoming Surface Phone. One of these showed a device with a large screen with hinges that can also fold into a smaller device. The same design that was seen on several patents filed by the Redmon-based tech giant.

This design feature, if all proven accurate could give the forthcoming smartphone a great comeback in the market.

It would then be the first ever hybrid smartphone to be released sporting this kind of a groundbreaking and game-changing design.

Microsoft trademark

One notable characteristic of Surface devices is its capability to be a device with multiple functions. The Pro gives us the tablet that can be fitted with a keyboard and can function as a notebook.

The Book is a laptop with a removable screen that can also function as a tablet. So if ever the Microsoft Surface Phone will be released with the design as stated in the patent filings, we will not be any more surprised, only awestricken.