“Injustice: Gods Among Us,” was one of the best fighting video games when it was released a few years ago. The title brought several DC character life in ways we’ve never seen before, and not only that, it gave us a strong storyline, probably the best of any fighting game at the time.

Fast forward to 2017, and there’s a new Injustice title known as “Injustice 2.” This time around, it would seem as if Brainiac is the big bad, and he’s visiting Earth for the purpose of taking over the planet and killing the remaining Kryptonians.

The trailer highlighting Brainiac was a blast to watch as we get to see aspects of the story play out.

It’s clear Superman is an important part of where this is headed and could turn out to be a way for the Man of Steel to redeem himself after his many atrocities.

'Injustice: Gods Among Us' history lesson

For those unaware, Superman killed The Joker in the previous video game, and as such, our favorite superhero decided to become a tyrant. He’s now locked away, but will likely be set free due to this new threat, and no doubt the Justice League would require his strength and overall experience.

Batman is not entirely trusting of the idea of releasing Superman from his cell, but he knows who the real threat is.

Now, Brainiac is not the only big bad appearing within “Injustice 2." Should consumers pre-order the game, they’ll be the first to get their hands on the Dark Lord himself, Darkseid.

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He comes from the fiery depth of Apokolips, and an army of Parademons always surrounds him.

All about Darkseid’s reveal

We’re not fully certain what role Darkseid will play seeing as he’s not part of the main roster. Chances are, Darkseid is being prepped as the main villain for the third game, a move that would make perfect sense.

To introduce players to the Dark Lord himself, a Warner Bros. released a new trailer to the web recently. It shows off several fighting moves about Darkseid, and from what we can tell, he’s powerful, cool and collected. The Lord of Apokolips is the first character to dismantle his opponents with hands around his back.

It’s quite impressive the way he moves. However, what truly got us excited is the character’s Super Move. He doesn’t scream like the others when preparing to unleash his fury. Instead, Darkseid turns his back to the enemy and uses the Omega Beam technique to great effect.

A complete show of dominance, more so than Superman, Brainiac, and other powerful heroes and villains.

“Injustice 2” will hit store shelves for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on May 19, 2017.