Honda has introduced a new marketing campaign that shows off its new fuel-cell-run Car, the Clarity. In addition, Guian New Area in China's southwest Guizhou province is looking toward the future with green technology. The region is adopting the New Energy Vehicles.

For years, researchers have been testing uses of fuel cells to power a number of items, including cars. Honda is launching its version of a car run on hydrogen this year. Fuel cells as a power source is the way to preserve the environment and to reduce carbon emissions. Hydrogen-powered cars will be coming soon across the nation.

The campaign for the Clarity will feature children singing in a commercial and relies on multi-media marketing. The commercials provide education and entertainment. Honda wants customers to understand why this type of power reduces carbon emissions. The Clarity only emits water when the car is running, officials said.

China region promotes environment

Guian New Area is on track to become China's first countrywide exemplary ecological development zone. Officials in the place are highlighting many NEV projects, including Electric Automobile Industrial Park and Hyundai Motor Big Data Center. Companies looking to build and sell Electric Vehicles will be able to open facilities in these regions.

At the Big Data Center, engineers will be charged with developing new connected car technology.

The goal is to research car data. The center will work with Korean data centers to offer unique services to Chinese car buyers and developers. Cars are becoming more and more connected to the world through Blue Tooth technology, and they are collecting data that must be analyzed and sorted.

At the industrial park, officials expect to plunk 5 billion yuan into the first part of NEV projects.

The production is expected to be 150,000 cars by next year. When the first phase is done, the value will exceed $4 billion. Others in the supply chain will be lured to the region to promote environmental sustainability projects.

Honda's goal is to reduce carbon emissions, protect the environment and produce cars for the future. The company also wants to show why fuel cells are the power of the future.