Scientists from the Australian National University may have finally found planet Nine. The scientists have found four mysterious objects at the edge of our Solar System, one of which could be Planet Nine.

One of the scientists called Mr. Tucker said that "We have detected minor planets Chiron and Comacina, which demonstrates the approach we're taking could find Planet Nine if it's there."

What is Planet Nine?

Planet Nine is thought to be an unidentified planet at the edge of our solar system. It is not confirmed yet, as scientists have not been able to obtain physical proof of its existence. However, if it does exist, it should be four times the size of our own planet earth, to fit with the data that the scientists have.

The scientists are looking to explain the cluster paths of small planets beyond Neptune. If Planet Nine does exist, it would explain the cluster paths. If Planet Nine is there, scientists should be able to find it in the next few years.

Discovering Planet Nine

A team has been set up at the Australian National University to confirm whether or not Planet Nine exists. The team of scientists will specifically study unknown objects in the area, as a way of solving the Planet Nine issue. It could help us solve a lot more than that, as the scientists will study many things in the area where they believe it to be. They will study things such as; asteroids, planets and dwarf planets.

It not only could tell us whether or not there is a planet in the shadows of our solar system but also could help us make new discoveries on things such as; asteroids and dwarf planets.

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This could help us not only understand more about our own solar system and galaxy but more also about the universe as a whole.

If you are interested, you will be able to follow the scientist's journey through the next few years. To follow the hunt for Planet Nine, just go to the website of the project at Until then, why not watch the video below, and learn more about the potential existence of Planet Nine!