A group of players who have formed their own mod team to port the contents of the first "Red Dead Redemption" on to "Grand Theft Auto 5" has now finally broken their silence. The mod team, who first burst onto the scene last month, has now released some new updates regarding their progress.

Time well spent

After having stayed silent for over four weeks now, the mod team has now shown off some of the progress they have made in porting the Xbox 360 edition of "Red Dead Redemption" for Rockstar's current action-adventure video game, "Grand Theft Auto 5." The team even released a new in-game screenshot to celebrate their success so far.

The town of Armadillo has apparently been successful in importing other areas of the original game's entire map. The import will involve transferring all of the map's textures, territories, and even the day and night cycle of the original areas into the "Grand Theft Auto 5" engine.

More teasers to come

The modding team also announced that the screenshot was actually just a taste of what is to come as they will be releasing a full video trailer for the new mod sometime today or over the weekend. The team, however, hadn't really clarified if they were going to port the iconic characters of the original game, namely John Marston and Trevor, into the new mod.

It would definitely be an impressive sight to see the entire "Red Dead Redemption" map rendered into the newer engine.

However, fans will likely have to wait for the official trailer to see the mod group's work for themselves finally.

There will be some limitations

Being a fan-made modification, there will understandably be some limitations to the new mod's features. For one, the team has confirmed that the mode will not work on "Grand Theft Auto Online." The entire scope of the new mod will apparently be limited to an offline single-player "story mode." The team, unfortunately, did not clarify whether the story mode would involve the original game's missions or if there will be new missions that will be featured.

The entire mod is estimated to only take up around 2 GB of disk space, which means that it might not really feature that much content as expected by most fans.

Status of the official 'Red Dead Redemption 2' title

The upcoming mod will likely be a good way to curb the anticipation of the franchise's fans, but most are still likely looking forward to the actual sequel.

Rockstar has already confirmed that "Red Dead Redemption 2" is coming out this year. However, no further details have been revealed just yet for the upcoming title. The third entry in the "Red Dead" series is scheduled to be released this fall and will be made available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.