The Clan Chest, which was rolled out in December, is one of the latest additions to the features available in “clash royale.” It works basically like the normal Crown Chest, but Supercell has made it more fun as unlocking chests is done with clanmates.

For whatever reason, however, Supercell has decided to make the feature more challenging. In a new mini-update, Clan Chests have become harder to earn. A new Reddit post from the developer lists the new requirements, which has since received mixed reactions from players.

Number of wins per level:

  • Level 1 - five
  • Level 2 - 15
  • Level 3 - 30
  • Level 4 - 50
  • Level 5 - 75
  • Level 6 - 105
  • Level 7 - 140
  • Level 8 - 180
  • Level 9 - 225
  • Level 10 - 275

What Supercell says

Before ending the post, Supercell noted that the size of the chests will remain the same despite the increased number of wins.

“We think it'll feel better to be contributing to the ‘Clan Battle Chest progress bar’ throughout the weekend, instead of having it complete within the first few hours,” Supercell wrote.

The announcement, in summary, technically means that players need to double the number of wins (or more) at the highest levels to earn the same rewards as before. The process for obtaining them has not changed eitherl. Players still have seven straight days to collect the needed crowns. Once completed, contributors may unlock their free clan chest. A Clan Chest will only appear after every two seeks, which is the game’s season reset.

Trash talking just got a whole lot better

Changes in the Clan Chest feature are no fun to most players, although game emotes should at least put them at ease. Combatants are no longer limited to 15 emotes – it has been upgraded to 100.

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This means more trash talking will ensue, and although it’s disabled at abusive levels, it does get a player’s point across. This should makes things more interesting and more engaging, too.

Clash Royale” has amassed updates lately in Supercell’s bid to keep the community’s interest. As of this writing, no announcement has been made when the next patch will arrive.