A new leak suggests that games for the Project Scorpio are to be revealed running in 4K, and “Call of Duty 2017” is one of them. Exciting news is the addition of three new titles to the Xbox Backward Compatible games list.

The list includes some fairly obvious games, such as "Call of Duty," FIFA," and "Madden," but also "Battlefront 2," and "Red Dead Redemption 2." It seems that each of these games will appear on Project Scorpio with 4K resolution. This has not been confirmed by Microsoft itself, however, gaming sites have since picked up the news.

The cover art for “Call of Duty 2017” was leaked last month, followed by a report claiming that the game is to be officially called “Call of Duty: WWII,” and is going to be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Xbox Project Scorpio: the most powerful console

The upcoming gaming console will also be able to support VR. Microsoft reportedly has no plans to release exclusive games for the Scorpio, although the upgraded 4K gameplay over the Xbox One echoes Sony’s move – the enhanced PlayStation 4 Pro over the regular PS4. Latest specs details of the Project Scorpio reveal that it is to have six teraflops of GPU, making way for the best 4K experience ever.

Rumor has it that it’s bound for this year's E3 convention.

What’s for sure though is that Microsoft will hit the stage with several first-party games at E3. “I want to give our games more time on stage at E3, I sometimes feel like we rush telling the story of our games at E3,” Xbox head Phil Spence said.

Three new Backward Compatibility Games

Meanwhile, three new games are up on Xbox’s Backward Compatibility games: “Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, “Far Cry 3” and “Darksiders 2.” Spencer has also teased that “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” will be added to the list in the coming weeks.

The month of April is definitely shaping up to be an exciting time for Xbox owners.

Microsoft previously announced that there will be an Xbox E3 press briefing at the LA Galen Center on June 11. Fans believe that the briefing will tackle the highly anticipated Project Scorpio.