Volkswagen USA, headquartered in Herndon, VA, announced the release of "Luv Bug," the first Tv Advertisement featuring the new 2018 VW Atlas, which is about to arrive in US showrooms later this spring. This beautiful European based brand had a lot of success in last years in the United States. A growing brand reputation, excellent products, and very active dealers ensure that sales figures continue to grow in one of the most demanding and hard-fought car markets in the world; namely the United States. It seems that VW's emissions scandal which shook the company's reputation for a while, falls into oblivion and Volkswagen returns its old glory.The VW American family is about to expand with this new model.

Volkswagen advertisement is very creative and fun

Another key to the American market is in the broad model lineup with its diverse opportunities for individualization. Andreas Nilsson directed the "Luv Bug" advertisement, accompanied by the background music of Dean Martin's favorite song Birds and the Bees. Volkswagen product offensive in the US will be further expanded by introducing this seven-seater SUV.

The advertisement itself is a very creative and unusual one, showing a couple in legendary VW Beetle in the beginning, then following the building of their family, which was, of course, accompanied by VW's vehicles (first Jetta, then when it became crowded a VW SUV followed). Eventually, the Atlas arrives as a final and the best solution for every American family who wants to enjoy their time spent together.

The innovative thinking of VW engineers and designers led towards the creation of this model and continually overcoming boundaries.

Spring Equals creativity in Volkswagen

The advertisement also gives us an insight of a cheerful relationship strengthening in spring. It is no coincidence that spring was chosen as the season of love, creativity, and, in the end, positive changes in people's lives.

One among all these lovely changes in the introduction of the full-size SUV Atlas which will be built at VW's Chattanooga, Tennessee plant. The nomenclature of this vehicle was chosen carefully by the German experts because they wanted to fit into the American culture and avoid foreign-sounding names which did not fit into the US automotive heritage.

''We are excited to debut the Atlas with an advertisement campaign that celebrates our heritage and journey, alongside that of our American consumer'', said Vinay Shahani, Senior Vice President of Volkswagen America.