Nintendo's new console, introduced early in March after much anticipation, is the focus of everyone's attention. For many, it is the game-changing console that everyone has been waiting for. The console is called "Switch", providing the ability to switch between modes easily—TV mode, portable, and table-top. Nintendo has announced a new partnership with GameTruck, a mobile gaming company, as part of a promotion to bring the video game experience to your parties.

Video game delivery

Nintendo and GameTruck announced their new promotional scheme following the release of Switch on March 3. Until June 20 this year, GameTruck will be delivering Nintendo Switch Games on wheels.

With more than 100 GameTruck vehicles fully equipped with the latest games, like 1-2-Switch, the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, these trucks can help party planners prepare an unforgettable experience for their parties. They come wrapped in fun design and are professionally equipped with game coaches who will be there with gaming tips, tricks, and training.

Nintendo Switch was revealed to a wide range of audience when it first came out. The Switch reveal trailer showed us a group of Millennials in their 20s and 30s having a chill out time on the consoles. They have homes, apartments, dogs, cars, and are not kids. They are people who enjoy the social aspects of the gaming experience, not hard core gamers who are most likely to obsess over every single detail of the technology or visual elements of the games.

Nintendo Switch comes with the Joy-Con, a new two-piece controller that can act as a single device, split in two, or combined with the screen for a portable experience.

GameTruck parties

GameTruck creates trailers with gaming consoles for parties and special events, which lets people to chill out together. It was founded by Scott Novis in 2006 and was franchising by 2008.

The franchises are mostly located in capital cities, and the company currently only serves 30 states. The portable gaming experience can be pre-ordered for not only video games. There's LaserTag and BubbleSoccer, too. Each mobile game theater has room enough for at least 16 players to play together. Other than GameTruck, Nintendo has partnered with a long list of 3rd party support, called the Nintendo Switch Partners.

They include Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda, Autodesk, and Sega, to name several.

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