As the month of March now started, PlayStation Plus subscribers are now waiting for the new games coming their way. And it looks like the subscription service won’t allow their members to wait longer as it recently announced the latest titles they can download for free.

PlayStation Network posted on its blog the six new games coming for this month’s lineup. As usual, there will be two titles for each video game consoles; PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. However, it has been known that there is a cross-play program for PlayStation 4 that allows it to play games on other platforms.

PlayStation Plus free games for March 2017 lineup

On March 7, “Disc Jam” and “Tearaway Unfolded” will be free for PlayStation 4 users, while “Under Night: In- Birth” and “Earth Defense Force 2025” will come for PlayStation 3. PlayStation Vita will have “Severed” and “Lumo,” which can also be played on PlayStation 4, added on its list. PlayStation Plus subscribers can download these games until April 4.

Know the games included on the list more

Meanwhile, “Disc Jam” is just a new game release but lucky PlayStation Plus members can now have it for free. In fact, Sony recently released a beta test and it seems fun to play. The arcade sports game is even compared to “Rocket League” for being a very entertaining game.

“Tearaway Unfolded” is a platform-adventure video game that players would surely love. Moreover, the PlayStation 3 game lineup is quite unexpected but still composed of an excellent list. “Under Night: In- Birth” is a visual novel and 2D fighting game for the players who love this genre.

“Earth Defense Force 2025” is a third-person shooter that will make gamers fight huge creepy-crawlies and freely destroy buildings.

Lastly, the PlayStation Vita titles are considered pretty fantastic.

“Lumo” is a modern take on the long-lost genre of the isometric platform. It’s a puzzle game that will ask its players to make their way through more than 100 rooms full of surprises and tricks. PlayStation 4 users can also play this game too. “Severed” is an underrated action-adventure video game that will now have a chance to be played by a lot of gamers.