A recent video of Boston Dynamics has come to the surface that a hybrid wheeled-legged robot has been revealed by the CEO of Boston Robotics. This robot is capable of crouching, twirling, leaping, and zipping around on its hind-limbs. It can also walk on different terrain excellently, whether it is concrete or grass.

Marc Raibert, founder and CEO of Boston Dynamics said in jest, “This is the first presentation of this horrid robot, which I think is a nightmare-inducing invention.” They have used wheeled-legged in this robot to make it more efficient.

While addressing the audience at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, Robert said, “This robot can tote a huge load on a small footprint.”

The team of engineers who are working on this project has named it “Handle” because this robot has to handle several objects in the end. This is not the first time that Boston Dynamics’ developers have designed such a weird machine. In 2016, they churned out a frightful machine and took it on an excursion.

Last year Boston Dynamics’ ghastly robot scared a dog walker

It is not a regular scene to encounter 5’9’ tall and scary humanoids in the woods. But this is exactly what happened to a dog owner who was taking a leisure walk in the woods while Boston Dynamics’ developers were strolling with their robot in the woods.

This robot has hydraulically-actuated limbs that help it walk smoothly even in rough terrain. Stereo cameras and a laser rangefinder are configured in its head to help it navigate.

Confronting the robot

Sometimes taking walk in the woods turns out to be a little scary. Something similar happened with this woman and her dog. While she was strolling with her dog in the woods, she heard some weird noises coming from the other side.

She instructed her dog to stay back and what they saw was astonishing: a robot was on an excursion, leading a team of engineers.

It’s obviously a horrendous scene to witness. If you have a dog, you’d certainly know about this beautiful bonding between man and his best friend: dog. All dog lovers take their pets for regular walks in local parks.

It is fun for you and your faithful canine, especially, if you live in the countryside.

If you also take your dog for a walk in the woods, just remember Google-owned Boston Dynamics often indulg in such experiments.