Game developer, Platinum Games, will release the newest edition to their role-playing game category, "NieR Automata" on both Playstation 4 platform and PC platforms. Originally, the title was set to release only on Playstation 4 gaming system but the developer, Platinum Games, and publisher, Square Enix, are releasing the RPG on a Microsoft Windows platform also. The video game has been available in Japan starting in February 2017 and will be released in the US in March of 2017 by Platform Games and Square Enix.

Developing video games

Platinum Games has been developing videos games for about a decade.

Since 2006, the game developer has created over a dozen games. Some recognizable titles are "Lost Order," "Star Fox Zero," "The Legend of Korra," "Metal Gear Rising: Revengence" and "Anarchy Reigns, to name a few. Many in their stock are RPGs.

"NieR Automata" is the sequel to "Nier," released in 2010. "Nier" became a cult classic for its character development and story line but its lackluster graphics prevented it from mainstream success. In development for several years, the release of "NieR Automata" is long-awaited by fans of the RPG and post-apocalyptic format. The RPG series is based on a side story from the Drakengard series. "NieR Automata," the newest RPG release from the developer, Platform Games, utilizes some of the same artists, character developers and musical creators as its predecessors, giving the game a familiar feel to players.

Post- apocalypse RPG

The concept of a post-apocalyptic future is not unique to gaming or RPGs specifically. Many games have gone down the path of dystopian future. The original "Nier," developed by Cavia but also published by Square Enix, is set many years after the destruction of Earth. In the original game, the gamer is in the role of "Nier," the title character, who sets out to find a cure for an illness called Black Scrawl.

"NieR Automata" is staged many years after the events of the original one. This current title added to the series is comprised of the hunting and destruction of alien developed robots. Thousands of years before, robots, that have been revealed to be developed by aliens long extinct, are destroying the remnants of mankind and must be annihilated by the player.

Although the player does switch from traditional role-playing game perspective to the third-person, gameplay is primarily RPG, giving gamers the opportunity to step into the shoes of the main characters, while playing "NieR Automata."