The original Nokia 3310 phone is hands down one of the most iconic handsets of all time. It's already been 17 years since the initial launch, but users of that phone still have very fond memories of its astonishing durability and impeccable battery life. And who could forget the classic game Snake, the mother of all mobile games. So for many it was quite the pleasant surprise, when the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 was officially announced at the Mobile World Congress 2017. But let's put aside distant memories and Nostalgia for a minute and actually scrutinize the resurrected old-timer.

What does the Nokia 3310 bring to the table?

The Nokia 3310 will fall under the category feature phone, meaning that it won't be as powerful or multi-functional as regular smartphones. As a result potential buyers would miss out on various features and apps, which nowadays are taken as a given. If you've been thinking about getting the Nokia 3310 make sure you're ready to live in a world, in which you won't be able to access WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram on the go. You will, however, be able to access the internet for some basic surfing. The phone will also come with a 2 MP camera, which for today's standard is kind of futile. It does make up for it with its sturdiness and incredible battery life, though.

While smartphone users around the world have been complaining about terrible battery life on various devices, the Nokia 3310 is supposed to last around a month on standby. You can also expect at least a whopping 22 hours of talk time, which is impressive to say the least.

So who should consider getting the Nokia phone?

Taking into account the price tag of the Nokia 3310, which is expected to cost merely 51 USD at launch, it is clear that the phone is targeted at consumers who don't really need the fancy features that come with today's smartphones.

So if you're one those people who actually use phones for what they're supposed to be used, namely making calls and sending the occasional text message, the relaunch of the Nokia 3310 might just be right mobile device for you. Considering how pretty much everyone communicates through instant messaging applications nowadays, it might seem a little rough to make a major technological u-turn in 2017. Well, at least you'll have plenty of time playing and mastering the modern version of Snake, which comes preinstalled with the mobile device.