When you are playing "Nier Automata" you are going to notice a few interesting things when it comes to the PS4 exclusive. The game is much anticipated because of the original game being quite popular but also because it looks rather good all by itself. If you are a hardcore gamer, you've likely played a game or two attempting to see just how many trophies you can collect. This particular game has some truly interesting ways in which you can "earn" them when you are playing through the entire story.

'Nier' and the 'What are you doing?' trophy

When you are playing "Nier Automata" you might notice that the main character is built to be a very attractive android girl.

It appears the developers wanted to take advantage of that fact and the somewhat pervy nature of various gamers who might be picking up this title. One of the easiest to achieve trophies in the game is also one that people are going to be doing a bunch of bragging about.

The "What are you doing?" trophy is one that can only be earned if you rotate the camera around 10 different times in order to get an...upskirt shot of the main character in "Nier Automata." The developers have gone to enough trouble to make it worth it for some people to earn this trophy.

Buying the rest

Playstation Universe, who was the first to report on the "What are you doing?" trophy in Automata is also reporting that there is a way you can buy the rest of the trophies, should it suit your fancy.

The good news is there is a bit of a catch when it comes to completing the trophies this way. The first caveat is that you cannot buy these trophies using real money. Instead, players are able to make the purchases using in-game currency.

The second caveat is that even if you have earned enough in-game currency, you aren't allowed to make the purchases unless you are in your third playthrough. It appears the developers still want you to try as hard as you can to earn every one. "Nier: Automata" is due to release in the US on the PS4 on March 7, 2017 and is already out in Japan.